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M W F  8 - 5                                
T Th  8 - 8                                
Sa  9 - 4                                
Su Closed                               

Feature Items

Race Face Cinch Bottom Bracket
$53.99 - $71.99
$59.99 - $79.99

Bearings are factory filled with Phil Wood grease Cups are machined for a high tolerance frame fit Includes an industry exclusive inner sleeve to protect against water… [more]

Look 566 Shimano 105 11s - 2015

Responsive & Comfortable The 566 frameset has been designed and fine tuned for responsiveness and a comfortable ride. This frame was developed for those cyclists who… [more]

Selle AnAtomica X Series

Selle Anatomica X Series TruLeather Saddles. Vegetable oil, tree bark, and a significant amount of time are integral parts of this historic tanning process. The leather… [more]

Park Tool AWS-1 Hex Wrench Set

The AWS-1 is one of Park's most-popular tools because it fits the most-turned bicycle bolts. It features 4, 5, and 6mm Allen wrenches in a Y shape for excellent… [more]

JRABS Gift Card
$10.00 - $1,000.00

Finding the perfect gift can be tough. Which is exactly why we offer gift cards. They make great presents for relatives and friends, and are a fantastic way to thank… [more]

Park Tool Chain Checker

To prevent poor shifting and uneven drivetrain wear, most manufacturers recommend chain replacement at or before 1% stretch. Now you can quickly and accurately determine… [more]

Park Tool Bottle Opener

Make quick work of any bottle-cap-removal operation with Park's BO-2 Bottle Opener. This ergonomic tool is made of stainless steel with a comfy vinyl coating. [more]


5th Anniversary Fundraiser!

It's that time of year again!  Come join us for our 5th Anniversary Fundraiser and BBQ!  Click the HERE for more info, or click the ticket to purchase!  Hope to see you on March 28th!

Mechanics Wanted!

 Are you an experienced pro who enjoys working on all kinds of bicycles, helping customers and who takes pride in doing expert, precision work?

If so, we'd like to meet and learn more about you. Please swing by the shop or contact us. We look forward to meeting you!
This is a friendly and fun place to work!

Get That Bicycle Running Right!


We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to get overhauled for riding to work, your custom dream machine that needs a basic tune-up for that upcoming ride, or just about anything else, simply bring your machine by and we'll get it running right again!

Click Here to see our great selection of services!

Rolf Prima Wheels at JRABS

Rolf Prima Wheels at JRABS

Rolf Prima wheels are fast - noticeably faster than traditional wheels. Add some fun to your new or current bike with some Rolf Prima wheels - in stock now at Just Riding Along Bike Shop!

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

brain bucket

Travis's Daily Tip

Stretch Away Discomfort - Stretching helps flexibility and comfort, yet it's easy to overlook when you're riding. All it takes is thinking of it and taking a break to loosen up (we don't recommend on-the-bike stretching because you might crash). One great stretch for the back, that's easy to do, is standing straight, raising your arms over your head and reaching as high as you can. Hold this position for thirty seconds or so and you'll feel much looser. Also, gently bend your neck to both sides and to the front and back and hold for a few seconds in each position to ease any tightness. Pressure on the hands and arms causes fatigue and pain. To relieve it, every few miles remove one hand at a time from the bars and shake it out by your side.